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The next Concerts

City: Leer, DE - Tabea Zimmermann, viola
10/21/2017 • Leer, DE - Tabea Zimmermann, viola
10/23/2017 • Genua, IT - ATOS Trio
10/26/2017 • Princeton, NJ - Tabea Zimmermann, viola
10/29/2017 • Eschborn, DE - ensemble 4.1 piano windtet
11/04/2017 • Bautzen, DE - ensemble 4.1
11/05/2017 • Heppenheim, DE - ensemble 4.1 piano windtet
11/11/2017 • Buchholz, DE - ATOS Trio
11/12/2017 • Nordkirchen, DE - ATOS Trio
11/21/2017 • Catania, IT - ATOS Trio
11/23/2017 • Bergamo, IT - ATOS Trio & Malin Hartelius, sopran

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CD The Czech Album

ATOS Trio:

"The Czech Album"


Season end nears!
August 09, 2016
After recording all Beethoven piano trios live at Wigmore Hall with the ATOS Trio, numerous recitals with the trio as well as with the piano windtet "ensemble 4.1", recitals with Kolja Blacher, Viviane Hagner, and Tabea Zimmermann as well as working for the Barenboim-Said-Academy and pumping as much as 70hours/week into his full-time position at the Hanns Eisler Hochschule, Thomas is now on tour in China with violinist Feng Ning and is nearing the end of his work season.
A two week non-piano, non-music, non-cellphone or laptop hiatus with his family, spend in a Caravan crossing Europe with no plan or aim will ensue before the next season begins.
Season end nears!
ICMA 2016 Nomination for "origins" by ensemble 4.1 AND "Romance oubliee" by Tabea Zimmermann/Thomas Hoppe!